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Self-Hypnosis recordings by Christy, only £5 eachDetermined to achieve your full potential? Sports Hypnosis can help you adopt a winning mindsetDiscover how you can master your emotions, enjoy better health and feel happier in just a few weeksRediscover the inner confidence you were born with using Hypnotherapy

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In Sport…

  • Are you an athlete carrying an injury you had years ago?
  • Are you a golfer wanting to increase your performance to achieve a single figure handicap?
  • Do you get so anxious before a competition that it affects your performance?

In Business…

  • Do you feel you are being held back from achieving your full potential in your job?
  • Do your nerves get the better of you giving presentations?

In Life…

How do you want to change?

After just a few sessions of hypnotherapy, you WILL feel a lot better and begin to see the positive results. Find out how I could help you.

Latest News!

I have two new recordings for you to download on my Downloads page. These are Overcoming Panic Attacks and Improve Your Sport. These recordings are only £5 each and are in mp3 format so you can listen to them on almost any device, anywhere!

What my clients say

Here are a few comments from some of my recent clients, you can read more such comments on my Testimonials page.

"Christy, thanks to you I was able to go out and embrace the atmosphere, felt positive and was filled with pride when I put my GB kit on and loved it. I have come away with so many wonderful memories and a taste of what international competition is all about." - Cindy Goslar, Triathlete
"I visited Christy for smoking cessation hypnotherapy. In the past I have had numerous unsuccessful attempts at quitting including hypnotherapy from another practitioner several years ago. After a single session she managed to motivate me to stop smoking very effectively and two months in I remain a successful non-smoker. I have not caved-in or been tempted once. In our session Christy combined a very relaxing nature and persuasive, tailored argument to help me achieve my goal. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Christy to anybody considering hypnotherapy to stop smoking or any other personal change." - Robin, Woking
"Christy is by far the best hypnotherapist I've ever visited. She's been able to help me gain clarity on a number of things and make several big improvements to my home and work life. To anyone thinking about seeing a hypnotherapist I say go for it, but make sure it's Christy that you visit!" - John B, Aldershot

The benefits of a good night's sleep... Hypnotherapy could help you sleep better!

I recently received a newsletter with an article entitled "The benefits of a good night's sleep". Having a new baby (he's now just 9 weeks old!) I was naturally drawn to this article as sleep is something that I've been a little short of recently!

When you feel sleep deprived, do you take time to ensure you get enough zzz'ds or do you reach for that third energy drink or double espresso? This article and video talks specifically about the effect of sleep on our ability to perform at our best, may it be a test, exam, important presentation or even playing sport so I thought it would be of interest to a very wide audience. After all, we ALL need sleep to function!

So have a watch of this interesting TED Ed lesson and see how sleep (or lack of!) is affecting your life.


If you feel that you aren't getting enough sleep or your quality of sleep is not allowing you to wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead, hypnotherapy might help you discover techniques that ensure you can drop off into a silent slumber, and stay asleep. If you have any questions about sleep, please contact Christy for a telephone consultation about how hypnotherapy could help you.

Email me at christy@christyhypnotherapy.com or call 01252 334377.

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